Event Information

 Programme Schedule:

To do Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Self-Test at home and submit via WA Chat

Ferry service from Kranji MRT – Pre-registration needed.
You may take your own transport to Sarimbun Camp Parking is available along Jalan Bahtera (behind Gate 3) facing Bahtera Track

3.00pm  Arrival at Sarimbun Camp – Gate 3
To Check-in via Trace Together before entering gate. Keep in groups of two. Stay with your partners at all times and no inter-mingling

3.30pm  Proceed to Dining Hall for Programme and Safety Briefing

4.30pm   Asr prayer

5.00pm  Day Obstacle Course – Introduction & Day practice

6.30pm   Light Dinner

7.00pm  Maghrib prayer

7.45pm  Safety Briefing

8.00pm  Isha’ prayer

8.30pm  Nite Obstacles Course

11.00pm Nite Walk

12.00am Campfire & BBQ (Tentative - depending on SMM Guidelines)

02.00am Ferry Service from Sarimbun to Kranji MRT. To arrange for transport back home

Camp Entrance

Dining Hall

Campfire Ring

Toilet Exterior

Toilet Interior

BBQ Pits