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Hijama Therapy (Wet Cuppping)


Hijama therapy helps prevent disease and increases blood circulation by removing toxins from the body.
Approx 1 hr

“The best treatment you can use is Hijama.”
[Sahih Bukhari Hadith-No: 5371]

Post Natal  Massage - 3 Sessions


Complete care to a smoother recovery after childbirth. Includes Jamu, Wraps and Lulur Scrub.

Prenatal Massage 


For expecting women 22 weeks onwards.

Full Body Massage


Improves blood circulation and relieves soreness

Lymphatic Massage


Gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.

Foot Reflexology


Improves blood circulation and immune system, relieves soreness and removes toxins in the body

Back  Massage


Complimentary service with Hijama Therapy only

Beauty and Wellness

Ayn Skin

Sanitiser, Hand & Body Care

Ayn Skin provides natural, organic, Halal-Certified and vegan personal care products that are free of complicated formulas and harsh chemicals


Body & Home Products

We are a home-grown and managed Singapore company aiming to provide the community with cleaning products that are Effective, Safe & Natural. Clean Best offers a broad range of product categories, from Household Cleaning to Personal Hygiene & Skin Care.

Happiness Loft

Beauty Products

Spreading happiness and positivity open to anyone. We are also providing an avenue for those who feel they need a place to turn to

The Organic Room

Facial, Sugaring & Skincare

With attention to detail and quality means everything to our clients, this is a sanctuary where you can escape from the city life to indulge in a pampering and tranquil beauty experience. Led by holistic facialists, Sharifah Fazzeleen, sessions are designed to be extraction-free, massage-based and using only cruelty-free, safe and organic certified ingredients.​ - Women-only Studio - Organic & Natural - Pregnancy Safe


Arabian style Spa

SpaJelita, a name synonymous with grandeur and luxury, is the essential destination to experience a Spa Journey that is a cradle of traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of Aromatherapy and first-class technologically advanced facial treatments. Relive the legend of Cleopatra and tales of the Velvet Nights with our selection of therapies. Built in grandeur and sheer luxury, SpaJelita offer the opulence of ancient Arabia with up-to-the minute therapies enabling clients to taste, touch and feel the difference. From classic cures with indigenous ingredients such as henna, honey and dates, to more sophisticated rituals based on modern technology, SpaJelita demystifies the legends and demonstrates how these ancient rituals have become intricately linked with the modern Arabic spa experience. Deepen your appreciation of the Arabian Spa, experience the exotic blend of time-honoured and truly unmatched natural therapies coupled with excellent service to soothe and enrich the body, mind and spirit.

El Nahl Honey

Health & Wellness

El Nahl Honey is proud of our tradition of providing honey that meets the high standards our customers have come to rely on. We take pride in bringing you one of the best honey varieties in the world from the Middle-East.

'Iffah Muslimah

Hair & Beauty Salon

Iffah Muslimah Hair & Beauty Salon is established in 2003. Back than, our co-founder of Iffah Muslimah realised that there are not enough or even no hair salons that caters to the needs of muslimah ladies whom are wearing hijabs. As hijabi ladies requires privacy and area that is enclosed. Hence, Iffah Muslimah been providing a comfortable and closed areas for our muslimah ladies. Based on the researched we did, Muslimah ladies with hijabs tend to experience unhealthy scalp such as greasy, dandruff and dry scalp conditions. We are here to help and solve various problems that Muslimah Ladies encountered. Our products are specially manufactured for the hijab ladies as to tackle various hair problems that they encountered, Not forgetting, our products are mainly organic and halal certified. “Professional Service & Personal Touch” ​​​​​​​

Vybe's Hairdressing

Hair Salon

In October 2003, Erfanah and Ifrahhina, or more amicably known to customers as “Ana” and “Ina” first opened the humble doors of Vybe’s Hairdressing to eager customers, most of whom then were their friends. Together, the sisters passionately devoted their time to transforming the tresses of many happy customers. The need for expansion was evident as Vybe’s started seeing increased patronage and support from customers, both new and regular ones, thanks to word of mouth. In a bid to meet this increasing demand, Vybes Hairdressing expanded in 2009 from a shop space for 4 to one with double the capacity, much to the delight of customers.


Hair Salon

Hair salon exclusively for ladies.
Here at Pearlista, we promise to deliver the best services and products possible. We firmly believe in constant and never ending improvement, striving for progress with each passing day.

The Eaqlia Studio

Fitness Studio & Beauty Salon

The Eaqlia Studio was created for our girls to have a perfect space for you and girlfriends to workout, pamper & hang out. Over 15 Fitness classes each week, Facial Spa for you to rejuvenate & Girls' Hangout @ The Studio for you and girlfriends to chillax and catch up! Our newly found love, E-Tribe Studio a lifestyle studio in Singapore that offers holistic wellness for women/mums & bubs! Bring along your baby for a Baby Massage & Water Therapy session with us soon :)

Vik's Fitness


Been in the fitness industry since 1995 and conducted Aqua Aerobics for at least 13 years on both shallow and deep water aqua exercises. My niche is primarily on Special Population focusing on those with joint injuries, senior citizen, pre & post natal and obesity.Working with seniors with Parkinson Disease and assist clients with muscle strengthening & joints and post recovery. Trained in Lifesaving and trained and certified under SSC, ACSM and Water Art (Canada). A FISAF Master Trainer for Aqua Instructor Course. Also a qualified gym trainer and Aerobics Instructor. Others include personal training, step aerobics, kickboxing, body toning, weight-loss program and boot camp classes.

Train with Coach Airah


Fitness Training Service's:

Mobile Fitness Trainer
Group Fitness Training
One-to-One Personal Training



Hair & Nails Salon - Hijabi-friendly private room - Halal certified hair color - Wudu friendly nail polish



At KARVA, our highly motivated team of Stylists, Scalp Consultants & Nail Therapists are committed to deliver excellence in service at the highest level. The salon uses the latest techniques, equipment and products from France. Germany and Italy that include Coty’s Professional Beauty products such Wella, System Professional and Nioxin. All KARVA’s guests are treated with a complimentary selection of beverages, including premium tea. A prayer area and a play corner for young children are also provided for guests with little ones at selected outlets.

From Nature

All Natural Products

Jamu, juices and herbs with the freshest and most natural ingredients FROM NATURE


Safinah Institute

A reliable partner in personal and professional growth, inspiring exceptional solutions and breakthrough services, navigated by the ethos of Islamic tradition.

Safinah's programmes stand out, mainly because of the fresh new positioning it brings to the courses, talks and events that it runs, the manner and angling of approaching contemporary issues, and its ongoing efforts in addressing matters which are relevant to obstacles and challenges that the Malay/Muslim community is facing today.

Yameen Quran Academy

Yameen aims to eliminate Quran illiteracy for Adults. Providing environment suitable for beginners, safe zone for students to ask questions and raise their curiosities to our trainers.

The scope of programs by Yameen includes Quranic learning and understanding called - Quran Learning Mastery. Using a systematic and structured approach, we aim to provide a safe learning environment for beginners or those who have lost touch in learning the Quran. 

Institut Pengajian Tinggi Al-Zuhri

Al-Zuhri bertekad membangun potensi aql agar dioptimum peranannya berpandukan Islam dan pemangkin ke arah kesucian ruhani menerusi pendidikan Islam sepadu. Kami berusaha gigih membina insan bersemangat ilmiah serta bersedia berbakti agar terwujud masyarakt Islam madani yang bertaqwa.

Darul Quran Singapore

A Quranic Learning Centre of Excellence

Darul Quran Singapore (DQS) was established as early as the year 1999 for the organization of programs Quran that can add value for society and especially Singapore. DQS also strategically positioning itself as a body that monitors and recognizes teachers for teaching the Quran Al-Quran in Singapore, especially for its high quality.