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WOW RUN was first conceptualized by a group of active ladies who are passionate about fitness and women’s wellness in 2013. They were concerned about the state of health of Malay women in Singapore. Since 2010, there is an increased no. of obesity and obesity-related disease within the community. Findings from an independent study show that sedentary lifestyles, food culture and lack of awareness (of activities available) are amongst the most popular reasons for the cause of increase. Most women also express low self-esteem and feel shy to exercise in public even though they are keen and desperate to lead a more active lifestyle.

OBJECTIVES The objective of this event is to encourage fellow ladies to participate in sports and fitness, and engage in an active lifestyle. The intention is to nullify the common beliefs that health and fitness is a chore and to raise awareness of the unlimited variety of activities they can engage in, and the variety of modest sports apparel readily available in the market now. Visit our SHOP to see our recommendations.

Why target the Malays/ Muslims? In lieu of the increasing numbers of obesity and obesity-related illness and the recent increase in kidney failure patients within the community, the run is a great platform to advocate and educate about healthier choices. The event is open to all ladies but is targeted at Malays/ Muslims mostly, to address the current social health issue.

Why Women? We hope to empower women to take charge of their health and fitness to secure a brighter future for themselves and their family. A healthy home starts from us (women). Through this fun run, we strive to provide a wonderful and fun experience and convey a positive note towards health and fitness.

WOW RUN 2014

9 February at Marina Barrage

Our inaugural 5km run, the first ever Muslimah run in the world. There were so many challenges and obstacles but Alhamdulillah, we  managed to pull through. It was a beautiful day Ma syaAllah.

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WOW RUN 2015

October Singapore, Malaysia, Atlanta, Australia and Jakarta

Our first World WOW RUN. Although the run in Singapore was cancelled due to the haze ​​​​​​​, Malaysia was able to proceed with an indoor program. Australia, Atlanta and Jakarta proceeded with ease.

Watch Malaysia video here
Watch Atlanta, USA video here
Watch video here

WOW RUN 2017

08 October at Punggol Waterway

This year, the run was organised by Punggol Coast MAEC along the beautiful and scenic waterway in Punggol. 

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WOW RUN 2019

29 September 7.9km at Coney Island

A mix of trail and road run, this year was definitely a new experience for the runners.

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WOW RUN 2020

Virtual Run Series July - September

I Run for ME: WOW RUN 2020 offers you a 3-part virtual run series dedicated to ourselves. To honour the strength for being women. To show gratitude for His blessings of health. To simply celebrate us. We hope that you will join us as we continue to strive forward towards uncertain times, strong and confident regardless.


20 December at Marina Promenade

Virtual Run amidst the pandemic... Runners was given a designated route to run between 6am till 10pm

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21 March at Punggol Waterway

The first of 3 races in the #journeyto21km series
10km & 3km

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19 September at Bedok Reservoir

The 2nd race in the #journeyto21km series
15km & 7km

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18 December at East Coast Park

The last race in the #journeyto21km series 21km & 10km

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26 March 2022 Kallang / Marina Bay

First Nite Race!

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Gallery: Virtual Run Series

The world has experienced drastic changes over the last few months. The silent cities and towns, the loss of income and the need for solitary have crushed many spirits. Yet, amidst adversity we also witnessed the rise of heroes amongst us. We observed kindness, spread in so many ways and we celebrated their bravery and courage. Last year, WOW RUN honoured you as our Guest of Honour (GOH). We ran 7.9km through the scenic Coney Island. This year, WOW RUN would like to celebrate YOU. ... For your perseverance and tenacity through this trying times as mothers For your patience and love as wives For your kindness and strength as women
The Challenges, the medals and lovely participants.
Alhamdulillah... we had over 300 participants who completed all 3 Races

E!MPOWERED Women Run 2020 Gallery

20 December 2020 @  Marina Promenade

Virtual Run amidst the pandemic... Runners was given a designated route to run between 6am till 10pm. Read about it here.