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GEMS Empowering Me Series, is a series of fun and easy challenges across different elements, especially tailored to simulate life’s obstacles through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. G.E.M.S hopes to EMPOWER participants with essential PARALLEL life skills, help to identify and remove any mental obstacles, bring clarity and renewed confidence in themselves and their ability to make decisions and conquer life’s challenges.





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22 February 2021 @ Snow City

Today flags off the the 4th Season of G.E.M.S
Alhamdulillah we had a lovely day with great company and good weather for climbing. We proceeded into Snow City for Target Shooting at the first and only Sub-Zero arena in Singapore followed by tubing down the slope and "Snow" play. So proud of everyone!

Today we did not just learn to climb the wall. Today we learnt so much more... Today we improved our coordination, psycho motor skills, increased our fitness level. We overcame fear. We learnt how important social support is. In life, sometimes we are the climber (the one struggling), sometimes we are the belayer (the one supporting), at other times the spectator. Amidst the struggle, the climber has to learn to prioritise our attention, whether to focus on the good or bad. The journey up is arduous and the fear keeps haunting. At times, our support system fails or the noises from other people becomes overwhelming. Sometimes we fall, sometimes it gets too difficult to continue but as long as we don’t give up and continue to move up, we will reach the top with God’s will. He promises this life full of trials and tribulation but, He also promises His grace, blessings and mercy for those who keeps patience. Keep fighting!

Today we learn how a good support system is vital to our performance, our lives. How trust plays an important role in our daily social interaction especially if our safety depends on them. Sometimes they fail. Be thankful if we have a great support system – family/ friends/ mentors. But at the end of the day, the only rope we should keep hanging on is the rope of God, the One that never fails, never falters and never stop supporting us throughout our lives despite us being naughty or nice. Be a good support system for others without expectations.

Today, we also learnt how as spectators, we get to see the bigger picture. It is easier to say, direct and order when we ourselves are not in the predicament unless we ourselves were once before in the same boat. Until we are the ones hanging on to dear life, we will never understand the true challenge of someone’s struggles. Always choose to be kind. Encourage others, instead of bringing them down. Don’t be the unnecessary noise in someone else’s life. If we are unable to say a good thing, silence is better.

I loved the atmosphere this morning. The cheers and motivating words radiated through the court was so empowering. Be the one who gives light amidst the darkness. At times, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from others and not repeat the same mistake. Be thankful and pay it forward. The Snow Play, Target shooting and Slide was a bonus but I’m sure all of you learnt something as well. We hope that today has been beneficial and meaningful for everyone as much as it has been for us. Every cent paid has been put to use for the Climb – use of facilities and 5 x Belayers, Snow Play and Target Shooting, the lovely packet of breakfast and prizes. We do not take any part of it.

I would like to again thank the organisers for the wonderful day despite the hiccups with the management. They put in so much effort over the last few months to ensure a smooth day for all of us. Proudly organised by Jurong Running Kakis GEMS Empowering Me Series, is a series of fun and easy challenges across different elements, especially tailored to simulate life’s obstacles through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. G.E.M.S hopes to EMPOWER participants with essential PARALLEL life skills, help to identify and remove any mental obstacles, bring clarity and renewed confidence in themselves and their ability to make decisions and conquer life’s challenges.

06 March 2021
Kallang Water Sports Center
By Dragons Innovate

 5 GEMS Teams - Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Onyx and Sapphire

Team Racing enhances work dynamics, increases motivation, improves communication, boosts self-confidence and breaks down barriers among team members.
As part of G.E.M.S Challenge, we bring to you our very own Dragon Boat Race

Benefits of dragon boat racing: People of all fitness levels can participate and the longer you do it, the fitter you'll become. It's a whole-body workout — your legs are the anchor, while the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back drag the paddle through the water. Great for strengthening your abs and core. The spirit of healthy competition witnessed yesterday was undeniable. We came together as one and was part of this memorable event in GEMS inaugural boat race. We gained so much more than just physical strength. We overcame fears, learnt new skills, gained more confidence and forged friendship and camaraderie not possible in other circumstances.

In the midst of it all, we found ourselves, found new hope and strength we never though we had. GEMS Singapore GEMS - Empowering Me Series is not only about introducing and providing a platform for the community to discover new activities, regardless of age and fitness level. Other than to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoin goodness, we aim to inspire, motivate and empower the community. We encourage sharing of skills and knowledge we learnt. We reflect and apply the experiences in our daily life. Its not about just benefiting ourselves but benefiting all. Neither to compete or outdo anyone else, only to better ourselves to be more capable and beneficial for others... Lillaahi taala.

FITDunya FITAkhira #StrongerTogether

Feb till June 2021


Alhamdulillah .. We started the fundraising in earlier this year with the aim to  raise $16,000 for various . With His will we garnered more than $27,000. Your kindness and generous contributions have allowed us to extend a ray hope to those who needed them most, here in Singapore and from amongst our neighbouring countries.
May Allah reward you in abundance.

(-8200) International Projects
• Cambodia Water Filter + Waqaf Madrasah
• Malaysia Syawal Project
• Philippines Grocery and Street Feeding
• Indonesia and Sri Lanka Waqaf Quran
(-2272.5) Iftar Masjid 24 Apr + 150 Sponsored Bento from Picanhas
(-1775) Sponsored Kurma
(-2000) Tahfiz Malaysia
(-1000) House in Paradise
(-1200) Iftar Philippines
(-1000) Iftar Dormitory + 450 Sponsored Bento from Picanhas
(-2000) Iftar Palestine/Syria
(-6000) Cash Raya Gift 29 May
181 Households in Teck Whye
• Darul Ma'wa Resident (32)
• Darul Ihsan Boys (35+5)
• Darul Ihsan Girls (24)
(-374) Community Fridge
(-360) Duit Raya (Kids)
(-810) Muslimin Trust Fund Association
(-500) Bintan Mosque + Orphans
(-150) Asatizahs Madrasah Cambodia
(-150) Tanjung Pinang Groceries 

 Thank you for your kind contributions. May Allah accept our deeds.


Alhamdulillah ...  Through these intensive and in-depth training, we hope to equip the leaders and sub-leaders with the skills and confidence to guide the rest of GEMS in future events. 

Jan: SNCS Lvl 1

Feb: Kayaking
1 Star Award

Mar: SNAS Lvl 1

Apr: Stand-Up Paddle TTT

Singapore National Climbing Standard Level 1

GEMS Leaders Initiation. An effort for 2021 to equip leaders with relevant certification to enable us to better guide and benefit others when we organise our events. All leaders are also AED+CPR+FA trained. These skills not only make them better leaders, it made them better people for themselves and their loved ones

Because empowered women empower all

Kayaking 1 STAR Award

Alhamdulillah... completed and aced our 2-day Kayaking 1 STAR Award Course. Super duper proud of all the 12 leaders especially Cik Su Enramus Fosuy and Kak Has Lynna, our veterans, who took up the challenge as part of their own self-development and leadership initiation.

In syaa Allah the skills learnt and confidence gained will enable them not only to lead the community proficiently and contribute to society but also to enhance our capabilities in the multiple roles we play in our daily lives to benefit ourselves and our loved ones. Now they can bring their family out for kayaking and perform rescue if needed. Indeed, they learnt more than they ever imagined... Watching their videos again, I felt like crying because I know how scared they were, yet they summoned enough courage to overcame the fears. Most may see this as only a physical activity but it is definitely more than that. Not only did we gained more skills and muscles, we learnt more about trust (in ourselves and others), social support, teamwork, planning, execution under stress, working with/against the elements, mental strength and of course spiritual strength. You don't know how many times His names and zikrs was invoked.

Many thanks to our instructors Mr Lee and Mr Micheal! For your patience and all the great knowledge you imparted to us. Im sure we are very handful... we are not your typical mermaids lah but im sure we demonstrated to you more ways to disembark than whatever you taught us.. got dugong-style, golek out-style, merangkak style

Thank you so much also to our families for their support and understanding. For allowing us to seek knowledge and venture out beyond to polish our skills. For sending us, fetching us or staying home to help care for the kids... xoxo Thank you leaders... for your bravery, your irreplaceable time, sacrifices and great effort. 14hrs under the hot sun, against the wind, the current, the exhaustion. Amidst the fear, worry and uncertainties, time away from leisure, family and comfort of home.

For the community, for the Ummah LillaahiTaala Thank you Allah

Singapore National Abseiling Standards

Was it scary? Of course! Was it difficult? Definitely! Just like life itself... We learn to overcome fears and uncertainties in a controlled and safe environment so that, when life throws one at us, we remember how we trained and faces life's challenges head on! Do we actually need to abseil in life? Depends... but really, its not just the skills we gained, its the lessons learnt, the experiences, the camaraderie, it is the art of overcoming difficulties practical training that is priceless and not achieved in any other way

Stand Up Paddle TTT

We are often asked, "Why do we do these things?" Why tire ourselves?
Why put in so much effort? Why the need to train?

How do we prepare for exams? We study.
How do we prepare for war? We train.
In class we learnt about Tawakkal, Istiqomah, Sabr, Letting go and letting God.
How do we practice this? How do we put these words into practice?
Do we wait for the real test to come?

All those and many more can be put to practice and applied in a safe environment as we train.
As we put ourselves thru long walks/runs, thru different challenges of different elements - across the sea under the hot sun, over terrains and heights, in the dark. We learn and practice the theories, how to tackle difficulties, overcome challenges, face uncertainties, perform under pressure. We learnt to demolish limiting beliefs and mental obstacles we set upon ourselves all our life. We learnt to set ourselves free, from the shackles of fear that we imprisoned ourselves with. Its a lifelong journey. As we end each challenge, we emerged with something more, tougher, wiser and more confident to face life's real tests... in syaa Allah


The day started from Woodlands/Marsiling MRT at 6.30/7.30am. Four teams (between 19 to 26 pax) in groups of 5 or less, walking separately 30mins apart, as according to SMM, total 84 walkers. The journey brought us along the Rail Corridor from Rainbow Bridge to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station through grass, gravel paths and muddy terrain. By 11 noon, the sun was blistering hot making the journey much more challenging. We were geared for rain but Allah has better plans for us. Lunch was at 20km near Commonwealth. The support crew treated us with Nasi Lemak, cold isotonic drinks, mint lemonade, ice lollies, coffee & tea and other treats kindly sponsored by our GEMS. It was such a relief Subhanallah.

However the journey ahead was made tough under the heat. We were starting to develop blisters and cramps despite preparations. We transitioned from the natural foliage to man-made skyscrapers as we tread through the Central Business District towards Marina Promenade. It wasn't planned but we were treated with a sneakpeak of NDP rehearsal! So cool... its like the helicopters and planes were putting on a show for us. We continued pass Marina Bay Sands to Gardens by the Bay. We were tempted to stop for satay but we marched on to Marina Barrage where we had ice-creams!
Definitely reignited our dwindling spirits.

Last 10km... we hobbled forward towards East Coast Park to Tanjung Rhu through Marina East. By now, most of us are walking funny. Every step was a shot of pain from multiple blisters. 24 of us has withdrew along the way, fighting till the very end. The rest of us pursued on this mission despite the pain. By the time we reached East Coast Park, our body started to shut down but our minds was set to complete. Amidst their struggle, our champions persisted, motivating each other along the way... till the finishing point. Of course, our support crew was there to lovingly welcome us with more treats! A lovely foodbox from OKSG, Turkish fruit drinks and cold Milo.

It was an emotional completion for most as this was their first attempt, a real test of endurance. The last team came back at 2200hrs. We were plagued by fatigue and pain but were all smiles at the end. Mad proud of all of them...
13-15 hours
More than 60,000 steps Kudos to all participants!
Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar
Lahawlawala quwwata Illabillah

Walking Route Map